November 18th | The Story of the Bible: Part 2

The Story of the Bible Part 2.png

Beginning NOVEMBER 18TH

The Story of the Bible: Part 2 picks up the story of Scripture in the New Testament. You do not need to have completed Part 1 to join us in Part 2.

Week 1: The Good News: God’s Redemptive Response

Week 2: Mission and Transformation: the Spirit and the Church

Week 3: Future Hope: The Return of the King

Week 4: The Author of the Story

Participation €50.00

Participation with Assignment €70.00

If you have paid and completed Part 1 which ran from September 9th and you wanted to register for Part 2 you are entitled to a 20% discount as per advertised.

When you register for Part 2 we will send you a discount code.